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vechicle insurance in the USA

Insurance have important role both in life of all American society, so and in life of separate family. We will speak about motor insurance simply because, each person faces this practically once on arrival to country.
The requirement for other kinds insurance arises later, in process of growth incomes, occurrence real estate, preparation for retirement, etc. We will speak about it in other place.

The basic attention will be given more low listed questions:

why necessary to be the insured

Insurance is regulated legislatively at level of U.S. states, not at federal level. From this follows very simple and important

Conclusion №1 – Possible to trust only information received from the expert in insurance in your U.S. state, where you are. Any information in other U.S. states can be absolutely inapplicable outside of these states.

Our narration will be conducted in relation to the State of California, in which the author of these lines is the licensed insurance agent.

Almost in all states (there are exceptions) a motor insurance is obligatory regarding LIABILITY (civil liability), that is, if the extraneous person has suffered from us. The size of a demanded covering varies from state to state. For example, in California it makes to $15,000 bodily injury on one victim and to $30,000 on more, than one.
Besides, responsibility for damage of another's property - $5,000 . All it counting on one incident. Typically used fractional record for expression of the sizes of a covering. Record 15/30/5 corresponds to the covering, described above, in the state of California which each driver is obliged to have under the state law.

Driving without insurance is a serious crime and strictly punished.

Council about life: Never enter any relations with people who drive the car without the insurance or argue that it is possible, and prove to you, why in this kind of a crime there is nothing terrible. These people on a way to the big troubles – it is not necessary keep their the company.

According to the police statistics in the state of California 28-30 % of drivers have no any insurance. Add to it still the same percent of the people having the minimum covering, which demanded by the law and you will understand, that if with you there will be something serious on road to receive money with guilty will be few chances.

From here the Conclusion №2 – You cannot be counted that in case of a trouble you will be covered with another's insurance – is necessary to have the insurance.

If the person almost poor also is going to remain poor to the death, driving without its insurance it financially does not strain – from it there is nothing to take. In all other cases the insurance sum should protect the driver from withdrawal by, in judicial way of its property and incomes (including the future incomes).

Besides, arguing on that why the driver should be insured, we should know that are not present in our life of other employment which on danger come nearer to danger of driving of the car. Therefore, it is necessary ask a type itself question «really I such to bad person , what I will risk life and health of other people , to save ten-other in month on their crippled lives»

With respect , Juri Nikolaev    

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Information source ( Mikhail Portnov ) are licensed insurance agent (California)

Current page: How to move to Russia → car (auto) insurance in USA


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