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We continue cycle of articles a theme about auto insurance in U.S. The beginning about a theme of insurance look Motor insurance in the US.

what to do if you have car accident

Where to repair car

Let's begin with a situation when repair follows the account of insurance company. We can address to familiar mechanic, where we always do repair. He will cause from our insurance company of the adjuster , which will define repair quote. It occupies some days, detaining repair.

The second variant poorly studied among new emigrants, consists in addressing in a workshop, certificated your insurance company, so-called COD Shop. The big companies have such workshops.
That is, it workshops absolutely independent businesses, which have passed certification, that extremely difficult.
It means that they repair all, have well trained personnel, work at rather low quotes, not bloated. For it the insurance company grants it the right to be adjusters and gives them business.

If you will be after accident to be repair in such workshop, there is a weight of useful and pleasant things:

- Not necessary wait some days while theadjuster from the insurance company will come – repair will begin immediately.

- Repair will be qualitatively made, with a guarantee, not how do in the "left" garages.

- The damaged car can pick up, repair , and to deliver, where you will tell (not everywhere, it necessary to ask in advance).

- In many certificated workshops give for the period of repair, other car in using free.

- With you will rush as with the prince.

To squeeze out a maximum from COD Shop is necessary to call the concrete employee (his name to learn from the agent) and to tell, that to call on behalf agent, tell to the name also a surname agent.
COD Shop cannot lose its reputation before the agent, differently risks to lose business. Therefore attention to you will be on a maximum.
Can ask the agent to make a call to shop, having warned them, that you will call soon and they will serve the high class you. It is very pleasant, and it very welcomed from different directions.

COD Shop on district not so lot, but choice is there. Therefore, the reasonable driver, without waiting accidents, demand the list a CODShop from agent, will ask at agent, where work is better, will ring round and will ask questions - whether will be pick up the car, whether will be give a car in exchange.

Then he will write a shop phone, address, and a name of the employee for communication and the list to put in glove compartment car. And is even better, are attached by list to the brochure «What to do in case of accident», which should be take at the agent and always to hold in a glove compartment car.

If it is a question not of accident, and about any works with car in the certificated CODshop where highest quality and attention from the personnel, the quotes will be not worse, than in garage at uncle John.
It is natural, that you to call the employee and name a name the agent , who has sent you, and promised you, that such good service is not present anywhere.

When and whom to address

Whatever happens, possible address to one of listed more low:

- To your insurance agent.

- Your insurance company.

- In insurance company the originator of accident (if it not you).

- To the first comer.

The best variant is, speak with agent, at any situation. Do that, that he speaks. The agent, unlike you, your wife, boys at forums, and veterans welfare with free english language courses, is responsible for the errors also risk the money. Just as the doctor or realtor.

Happens, that the help necessary in time off. Happens, what in middle of night too. In an ideal you should ask at the agent phone for such situations, having promised that

- To anybody it will not give.

- Will use only as a last resort.

You will not be the only thing, who has co-ordinates for safety communication. Only by phone of it do not ask. Necessary come to office, name the name, talk to it.

But, let us assume, there is no possibility to communicate. Then we to call in our insurance company. In the natural unwillingness is simple so to leave money, company on our party in relations with an external world.
Categorically impossible to be insured there where there are no round the clock 800 number with real possibility to call.
On it phone number, sit the competent reliable boys, who in labour shift talk to tens person as you. Do so, as they speak and, on-possibility, literally without imaginations and without creative processing.

If we have suffered from other driver, more favourable to deal with its insurance directly, even if we in the policy have a covering our car.
Because at us DEDUCTIBLE, and from another's insurance all of us will receive to last cent and at once. Our the insurance, at us having taken away first deductible, then to us will return, when will receive from the insurance of the originator of accident, but it occupies time.
Sometimes easier receive from your insurance– if difficult to deal with the insurance originator of accident, that sometimes happens.

If adequate and nothing more or less reasonable person can not do, a good option, it go to the forum and write, that all the Americans - goats and our girls - most beatiful in the world.

With respect , Juri Nikolaev    

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Information source http://www.govorimpro.us ( Mikhail Portnov ) are licensed insurance agent (California)

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Current page: car (auto) insurance in USA → what to do when you have an car accident in US


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