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We continue cycle of articles a theme about auto insurance in U.S. The beginning about a theme of insurance look Vehicle insurance in the US.

two systems of auto insurance

Remarkable that all U.S. states by the form of insurance systems (automobile insurance) divide on:

"At Fault" (to victim pays insurance the originator of accident)
"No Fault" (irrespective of fault, your damage compensated by your insurance)

In the nine U.S. states uses insurance system of responsibility «No Fault»: Florida, New York, Utah, Hawaii, Kansas, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota

Three more U.S. state gives the chance to drivers a choice between traditional insurance system and «No Fault»: Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Jersey

Ten more U.S. states added laws with possibility choice the «No Fault» system: Arkansas, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maryland, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin

And in four of these last listed U.S. states: Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland and Oregon, in connection with brought changes in the legislation on auto insurance, require execution «No Fault» , and the remained six states give a choice between traditional insurance system of civil liability of auto owners and «No Fault» .

Special case – District of Columbia . There give at choice between systems, it «No Fault» and «At Fault», besides, when the person who has chosen variant has an accident with participation other driver, and when it receives the offer on settlement (settlement offer) from the insurance company , at it is 60 days to solve, whether it is necessary accept this payment or submit the claim against the insurance company other driver – the participant of accident.

In all other cases the insurance sum should protect the driver from withdrawal by in judicial way its property and incomes (including future incomes).

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Current page: car (auto) insurance in USA → two systems of automobile insurance in U.S.


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