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how to buy car insurance in US (insurance policy)

We continue cycle of articles a theme about auto insurance in U.S. The beginning about a theme of insurance look auto insurance in California.

where and how to buy insurance for car.

In ideal serious professional service needs to be received under reliable recommendation. So search the doctor, the realtor, the insurance agent, the stock broker, the carpenter, the sanitary technician, the hairdresser, the babysitter or kindergarten for the child.

This part for the beginner most difficult – he not only plainly does not know anybody on district, but also circle it acquaintances limited same as he - by beginners.
Moreover, if use councils people which live in U.S. many years, that at those others criteria of quality, availability at quote, rationality and so forth. Add to it, that at forums too on one competent advice will be tens illiterate and orient in it almost impossible.
To find decent agent or broker becomes act of some luck. Happens, that not at once will carry, but it not occasion stop in searches.

If there no efficient adviser nearby, go to the Internet, look at advertising on it site or fill pair forms auto insurance in online on such sites as:


With each filled form will address to you local agents and brokers from different companies. Be ready to considerable quantity questions, it is very important, that they could work over quote.
Choose from them couple and go to them office – have a look at them alive. If there doubts – tell that should think. Go to another agent. More shortly, invest in it little personal time.

How to choose insurance company – question important. Is several such, with which you will not be mistaken – StateFarm, Farmers, AllState.
Is very normal – Nationwide, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Kaiser Permanente.

Keep in mind, that any insurance and not only insurance company can have difficult period. It is cyclic process. All through it pass.
We choose company so that with it be long, it most favourable strategy, both on money and on number of other reasons. Jump from place to place each 6 months – it is bad habit.

But our requirements for insurance change in due time, grow, extend. Therefore necessary choose such company, where there are all kinds of insurance – a car, the house, life, umbrella, business.

With respect ,Juri Nikolaev    

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Information source http://www.govorimpro.us ( Mikhail Portnov ) are licensed insurance agent (California)

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Current page: car (auto) insurance in USA → where and how buy insurance in USA


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