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We continue cycle of articles a theme about auto insurance in U.S. The beginning about a theme of insurance look auto insurances at US.

myths and an auto insurance reality.

1. Apple-to-apple comparison.

When person compares the companies with each other, trying to find best quote frequently he says – «here it, that I want – give me quote».
He assumption, that if covering D company AAA is cheaper, than company VVV, then and for covering Н this parity is true. But it very far from true.

There are companies, which very cheap at minimum coverings and absolutely not competitive on coverings more higher.

Usually, at some instant the person decides, that is time look for insurance more cheaply. At it never was insurance agent. The current insurance bought by phone or online. Coverings defined absolutely by goosey.
Now he starts to call agents or fill forms in network, to transferring there «by goosey» covering, which as rule, much more low, than would be necessary to have, If he understand that to what.
The decision very simple – is necessary defined first by that necessary for you, and already then compare different offers.

2. All insurance differs only a quotes.

This very widespread reasoning among beginners. It vanishes as the person gets this or that trouble.

- Backdating, and only backdating is found out, that it convenient, when have someone (the agent or the broker) in difficult situation, instead the representative of company, which protects company.

- Convenient to have the company, which has certificated workshops, which free will approach, will take car, will repair, and then will bring, where you tell.
At them works adjuster and wait 2-3 days while he will approach not necessary – repair occurs much faster. Many such workshops give free of charge car on replacement, while is a repair.

- Simply remarkably when at o'clock in the morning possible to call, and the live person will calm you, all will explain and will make that necessary in case accident.

- Well when there is someone, whom can call or come with questions and it lifts the receiver, answers a call, answers on your problem, instead of send not known where.

The quote is important, and periodically check that at you and as with quote it necessary. But, if anything except quote at the person in head does not spin, it he, strangely enough, strongly overpays. Only it becomes clear not while he pays premium, when will accident and appears, what he not insured.

3. The insurance necessary only to have right to drive car legally. If not laws, anybody it all not necessary.

This reasoning professional homeless or lifelong living on welfare. That is such person, who considers that from it not only today nothing take away, and never will be. And he drives car and will be drive the car, which costs nothing.

As soon car costs something, as soon there is a salary, and even two in family, as soon there is hope to have savings, real estate, and other pleasures life, all it need to be protected from casual loss.

4. Is possible to save money, if changing insurance everyone half a year-year

Logic clear - the market is dynamical. All time there are new offers. Necessary trim the sails to the wind. There is one hitch – the companies reduce quote to involve clients. Then at them losses begin and they raise quotes. It is a vicious circle.

No the company which would have lowest quote long time and reason is very simple – if take less, that costs more, you will leave business.
Temporarily – that is another matter. Has involved clients, then come back to reasonable quote, and part clients remained.

Is possible to tell – I am ready next 10 years each 6 months for transition, to gain benefit at whom now promotion?
Here there is one complexity. If everything that at you is, it is one car, possible and so. But, in due course appear in family two cars and two drivers (and is more too not rarity). Then house. And there where mortgage, there and life insurance necessary to get.

Also what turns out? It is each 6-12 months move it all somewhere? And if hold in different insurance companies the house, the car, life, business (too with many happens), this simply economic madness, because constantly you not receive enormous discounts, in exchange on cheap economy.

5. Is possible not to have agent.

Is possible most to understand in insurance and to buy the insurance in network. Is possible not to have the doctor.
Is possible to go on a forum of type snail and there will teach as invest money correctly. Is possible buy diploma in underground transition, not to study at university.
Is possible most repair the car. Is possible most buy or sell a house without realtor.

All it thoughts one order. About sale of the house without realtor, by the way there is statistics – 95 % of the exposed houses remove from market, without having sold.

With respect ,Juri Nikolaev    

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Information source ( Mikhail Portnov ) are licensed insurance agent (California)

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Current page: car (auto) insurance in USA → how to compare auto insurance quotes in US


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