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what is car insurance fraud

We continue cycle of articles a theme about auto insurance in U.S. The beginning about a theme of insurance look car insurances USA.

how not to become a victim of scams for vehicle insurance.

Basically, get on scams in auto insurance necessary to be able, the insurance is very densely regulated by law, literally every "sneeze". Agents lose licences every daily, and happens, as the police in handcuffs withdraw can.
Therefore to get on fraudsters, it necessary to search purposefully them, that many and do, at times very successfully.

At some immigrants, especially youth , for this purpose quite often has special dangerous combination such qualities as:

- Militant incompetence.

- Belief in own infallibility.

- Unwillingness or inability study on another's errors.

- Belief in miracles.

- Unwillingness accept reality, aspiration crush under the representations about life.

As a rule, judging by the numerous problem situations read by me in network during last years, this bouquet conducts person to the most low-standard scams on a fun:

- Has read homemade announcement of the cheap insurance on a column, directly in street.

- Has interrogated ten agents of the different companies – all have told 600-800 dollars (they scams) and was one which offered for 350 (he is fair, at it has bought).

- Here one company is, me one neighbour recommended. They in our state of registration have no, the web of site at them too while not present – is necessary to call. I now instead 1200, pay 145 for 6 months.

- Here in chat one very knowing man advised. He from Central Asia has arrived one month ago to Iowa, but on forums he three months this question studied.

- I with Russian agents and with Russian businessmen from a principle do not address – all fraudsters.

Commission which are received by the insurance agent from the auto policy, make 10 % from a premium. Such beginner by 7-8-10 years car with the minimum unilateral covering pays in a range of 200-400 dollars in 6 months. That is, money behind it 40-80 dollars a year. Time on it needs to spend at 5-10 times more, than same on another, which has arrived to the U.S. 3-4-5 years ago.
Only at it car is better, and covering not unilateral, and cars not one, and two. Plus the condo and two lives. Plus he does not look at quote as a boa on the mouse, and listens and hears that speak to it.

To such person objectively difficult to find the good agent who would began to be engaged with it. The agent, at whom lot normal business, not begins waste time on such "client". Accordingly, chances to run into scams sharply increase.

How itself secure? Very simply:

- Be insured in big known companies.

- Perceive critically unusually low quote.

- Address to agents, who to you recommended by from reliable people.

With respect ,Juri Nikolaev    

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Information source ( Mikhail Portnov ) are licensed insurance agent (California)

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Current page: car (auto) insurance in USA → identity fraud in car insurance at USA


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