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where find a highly profitable and most reliable investment

Hello. Apologize for bad English - it's not my native language.

If you came to my page in search of effective investment of their funds, you are not mistaken.
Remember friends, that in the Internet era the entire financial world lies at your feet. And so the search reliable, secure and high-yield a financial tools for investments should not be limited only by your country.

Ask yourself where and in what countries with a stable economy, in which a lot of natural resources, industrial technology and sciences, except the US. I will list a main countries - China, Russia and Japan. And you need to look to these countries for the study of banking products and technologies.

I live in Russia and therefore can responsibly say, that the profitability of bank savings deposit (in dollars) in Russia is much higher than in the US. For China and Japan will not say who is interested, can find information on the Internet.

It is known that in the US from banks, that are included in the FDIC insurance, best annual percentage within 0.8 - 1% for savings accounts. For Certificates of Deposit ( CD ) of 1.3 - 1.5% per annum on 5 years (also the income from the certificates additionally are taxed).
Also in the US have different Credit Unions, that offer higher rates of interest but with such conditions and encumbrances, that will be easier to put money into a savings account,than to perform such conditions.

And few people know, that the US banks to profit from deposits and deposits of citizens, invest money of citizens in Russia and China. In Russia and China is economic growth and, accordingly, can get very good profit.
You can bypass intermediaries such as US banks, and to invest directly in Russia, to get a good return on a russian bank deposits, and without risks. You can do this without leaving home, without having to travel to another country and you do not pay tax on income from deposits or CD.

In Russia, you can easily earn income from term deposits (analog CD or IRA CD in USA) of at least 2.9 - 3% per annum over three years without any fees and taxes. Moreover, the contributions are insured by the State of Russia through the DIA - The State Corporation a Deposit Insurance Agency (same as the FDIC in the USA). And a Russian state itself is insured to gold, diamonds, oil, gas and other minerals, and Russia's external debt does not exceed 35% of GDP.

Difficulties for you is that bank employees do not speak English, all contracts and documents of banks written only in Russian, and from foreigners (non-residents) is taken the income tax on deposits in Russian banks.

I will help (as your Attorney or Agent) put your money in term deposits at banks, which will be protected by the state in Russia for the period from 3 months to 3 years, as will be agreed with you. The maximum sum insured in Russia up to $ 17,000 ( 1.11.2014) per depositor in one bank.
If the amount of your investment is more than $ 17,000 then I divide the sum by parts on savings deposits in different banks so, that parts of the amount not exceeding the limit of insurance for DIA.
According to statistics for 2014 year to 867 Russian banks are included in the insurance system DIA.

At the end of the deposit period, you may choose to renew the deposit for a new term, or get the money back.
You may also wish add a monthly interest to the deposit (capitalization or compound on the savings deposit), and at the end of the placement period on your account total income will be more.

Table of term deposits (CD) interest rates APY (annual percentage yield) in russian banks

sit USD
3 mon6 mon1 year2 year3 yearmont
hly inte
min. $ 5,
------------2.9 %added to the depo
min. $ 15,
---------2.6 %2.92 %added to the depo
min. $ 30,
------2.3 %2.7 %2.94 %added to the depo
min. $ 60,
---1.7 %2.5 %2.75 %2.96 %added to the depo
min. $ 100,
0.9 %1.85 %2.6 %2.8 %2.98 %only add to the depo
sit for 3-6 mon.
min. $ 200,
1.0 %2.0 %2.7 %2.85 %3.0 %add to the depo
sit or paying


1. No tax, no fee

2. I Recommend divide long-term investments in deposits into parts, by 5-10 individual accounts. If there will come a "black day" and you want take money, then you close the part of the savings deposits, as you need and not whole amount of the investment. You lose only part of the income, not whole investment income.

3. Penalty for early withdrawal (in case of early closure of the deposit). The interest not paid (recalculation of previously paid per cent), and you pay the costs of the online transfer through the banking system SWIFT 1.98% of the amount withdrawn (min.$35 max.$780)

4. Start time the accrual of incomes from investments will be counted after placing your money on deposit in the bank.
I am personally interested as soon as possible put your money in the bank, but a long distances between cities in Russia, and when to open a deposit in a bank must be the personal presence of the person with the documents, and therefore the greatest time of placing deposits in Russian banks can reach up to 3 working days from the day of receipt of the money on my account.

5. If the last day of the deposit period is not a working day, the deadline is by next following business day. For the additional days will also accrued interest.

6. Keep in mind that according to the internal rules of my bank (Sberbank) wire transfer may take a maximum of 1-2 working days.

The interest calculator for cd or term deposit

Simple calculator for preliminary calculation of income from investment in bank deposits

Deposit amount $: Ex.: 20000


Annual percentage yield (APY) %:

Monthly Interest:

Get total $ when end to deposit period

Your total gain $

You get every month $

How to free opening online a bank account

You by e-mail send me information:


Residence address

Amount of investment: $

For how long: (mon/year)

How you to wanted receive interest:
add to the deposit
get montly

Your bank account,
whither I will be to list you money:

Your e-mail:

Your mobile phone for send SMS:

My actions after your request for open a bank account:

1. I will send email the signed Investment Agreement with the agreed amount and interest payment.

2. You transfer the money to my bank checking account. By email (or send SMS on mob. tel.) write me a message on transfer of money.

3. I'm waiting for your bank transfer to my current account. Upon receipt of the translation I go to the bank and open a savings deposit with having state insurance.

4. I send you by e-mail:
a) Report: in what banks, deposit amount, for how long,
b) password to log the online office for depositors on the bank's website. (If the bank have service the online office)

5. After the date of payment of the monthly interest in bank on the next business day I make a wire transfer of money on your account. (If you previously expressed a desire to receive cash from monthly interest)

6. 10 days prior to the expiration of the deposit in the bank, I am writing to you in the e-mail notification.(or send SMS)
You must decide to refund you or re-register the deposit on the new term.

7. If you decide to renew for another term or if I do not get a response from you, then I sending to you by e-mail the new Investment Agreement signed by me on the same term and conditions as in previous Investment Agreement.

8. Go to item 5

My contacts:

Nikolaev Yuri
(accountant, financier, personal attorney)

Postal address: 452000 Russia, city Belebey, street Amirova 8-6
tel. 7-965-64-065-80 (for send SMS)
PS: I do not speak English, but can understand text.

Bank account:

Name bank: SBERBANK (Uralsky Head Office) Bashkir Republic
Address bank: 620014 Russia, Ekaterinburg, Street. Malyshev 31-B
Branch of bank: Belebey №8598/0472
Account number: 408 17 840 6 06000169119
Nikolaev Yuri
IBAN: RU 408 17 840 6 06000169119

Now I turn to professional investors and creditors. I'll tell you why it is better to invest in banks with good interest guaranteed by the State, rather than seek customer-borrowers.

A simple and effective method of "CD ladder of investment"

The professional lender calculates your investments so, that constantly have monthly current assets to current expenses and have your profit (alas, not very stable) from issuing loans to the needy.
The main disadvantage of a bank deposit that it freezes the fixed assets and at the disposal for creditors only the monthly bank interest, not exceeding 0.05 - 0.08% of the principal amount of the investment.
You can easily fix this lack of investment in the bank deposit. This is done simply.

It is only necessary split your investments to 12 parts. Put on a bank deposit 1 part for a period of 1 year. A month later, put in the bank the next part of investment for a period of 1 year. A month later, the next part and so on. As a result at of you 12 deposits in banks are open with a time interval of 1 month.

During first year, you will receive only the monthly interest payments that increase with each passing month.
Next year you along with received interest will be freed 1/12 part all working capital in every month.(every month one deposit will be closed at the expiration of the term of placement in a bank).
You can decide for yourself, or to renew the deposits, or use the money for other purposes, or open new the deposits in bank. So within a year you'll have a monthly guaranteed a freed part of working capital (1/12 of the total investment in the bank) on operating costs and at the same time ensure receive the monthly interest.

The only drawback of such a scheme of investment: during the first one year, you get only the interest on deposits. In the rest of the years only all advantages.

So you'd better invest in licensed banks with a state insurance of deposits and constantly receive a guaranteed income of 2.3% - 2.7% per annum, and always have a part of the working capital available than the look a good clients, spending on advertising and on work with borrowers with high risks and subsequently write off bad debts.

For clarity and example shows a table of method "CD ladder of investment" in the bank deposits for a period of 6 months 2% APY
CD ladder of investment

Your task will be only to find a licensed bank offering high interest rates with monthly payment of interest and all deposits must be were insured by the state or outsource it to a specialist.

I suggest you (as your a personal Attorney or Agent) place a part of your investment in Russian banks. I'll open for you a term deposits (analog certificate of deposit or IRA CD) on the above scheme, up to a maximum sum insured in one bank (or different banks), what guaranteed by the state of Russia, through a state corporation DIA (Deposit Insurance Agency), same as the FDIC in the USA.

The maximum amount of the state deposit insurance in Russia 700,000 rubles or $ 17,000 at the exchange rate on one depositor in one bank. Regardless of any accidents, bankruptcy or force majeure with the bank, the state guarantees refund this amount to the depositor.
Therefore the safe maximum amount $ 17,000 for one deposit in the bank per depositor (or several deposits in an amount not exceeding $ 17,000 in one bank per depositor).
If the depositor's investment amount is more than $17,000, he can open a term deposit with several banks, dividing investment on parts (no more than $17,000 per account).

You are in the first year will receiving monthly from deposits, and then in the following year, you get a monthly interest and additionally you be able to manage working capital, who exempt, when closing term deposits. (You decide - prolongation of the deposit in a bank or withdrawal for your needs)

I will give you information about the timing closing of the deposits, so you can plan and allocate the working capital.

If you have any questions I will gladly answer them. I hope on long-term cooperation with you. My e-mail:

With respect , Juri Nikolaev (accountant, financier, personal attorney)

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Current page:  best interest rates for term deposits


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